Wednesday, July 16, 2014


(T-back dress from Taobao, Charles & Keith marble clutch)

Photo by Nicholas

Obsessed with the T-back laced with cutout flowers and the long slits at the sleeves. Also into the sheerness of its entirety. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Items pictured: Forever21 croc textured bag, The Editor's Market floral camisole and sandals (both), The Scarlet Room lover lace shorts, Asymmtrcl stone ring, Forever21/ H&M assorted rings, Rock Me Jewelry turquoise coral stone cuff

Batam for three days was great for recuperation outside of a busy city like Singapore. Honestly one of the most satisfying trips to date. A 40 mins boat ride away to lavish seafood dinners next to the sea, magic card tricks at night, shooting cans with airsoft guns (super fun), yummy fruit smoothies, massage with burping masseuses (not joking at all), car rides with awesome local drivers, night swimming, waffles at A&W, and a karaoke experience I will never forget. 

Highly recommended for a weekend trip or mini getaways.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


(Zara dress, Taobao leopard bag and cut out boots, Asymmtrcl Quartz Rock Ring)

Photos by Erman

The perfect summer dress in my opinion, is not white. Shocking, I know. Was so attracted to this dress for it's perfect blend of faded grey/light beige colour. An undecipherable mousy colour is great for summer. Not knowing how to classify the colour adds points. The subtle fringing on the hems and on the pockets gave it a bohemian character, I can't explain. Not to mention the unshapely-ness of the whole thing. I think I am allergic to bodycon.  

The large pockets reminds me of those on a suit. Speaking of which, this outfit is inspired by Bonobos' summer suit collection. One particular suit stood out to me, which was this piece:

The perfect off-grey/beige colour that I though was really similar to the colour of my dress. I am also loving the pink accessories this suit is paired with. Who says guys can't wear pink? See more of their summer suit collection here.
I paired the dress with some silvers and a chunky rock ring because I am currently obsessed with stone jewelry. Also, attached my newly acquired furry friend on my go-to leopard bag for some winter details. The fox tail and I are currently inseparably.
More summer related posts coming up, including a photo diary of my recent getaway to Batam!


I would also like to extend an apology in regards to my loooong hiatus. As I am in my 3rd year of polytechnic (pre-university) years, I am on a 6-month internship doing marketing for a film projection company. I've been assigned to this company alone and hence, I have no one to help with my outfit shots. I fully treasure my time during the weekends and have not had the time and content to blog... Thus, till this internship is over, I will have to resort to posting what little content I have on other platforms like my Instagram and Tumblr. I promise things will get better after this all ends. So please don't give up on whiteobscurity. More exciting things to come! Including a school-trip to Chicago, which I am SO excited to blog about.

Okay, I am gonna start working on my other posts now. Thank you for reading! x

Thursday, June 19, 2014


(H&M muscle dress, H&M bra, H&M sunglasses, Nike sneakers) 

Photos by Erman

Sports comfort taken to a new level with a dress. Well, more of an extended muscle tank actually, which is addictive. In a nice heather grey that I really like, and the arm holes allow for a subtle peek of bra straps. I bet you all think I've been flashing people on the street cycling in a dress, but it makes a difference when I tell you I was wearing cycling tights. I know it does.

Went for a full day of adrenaline with Erman in "celebration" of our 2 years together. Yeah, a full day of sweat and butt aches and figuring out the direction and annoying the hell out of pedestrians we met on the way. I swear we almost died cycling on the roads/pavements. At one point, there were about 3 huge cement trucks coming our way as we crossed the road. Discretion is advised. 

The sky was that actual blue colour in the second last photo. No colour tweaks, promise. And if any of you guys were wondering, I rented my pretty bike at:

  • 80 Marine Parade Central #01-786/788
  • Singapore 440080

It's located right next to the underpass to East Coast Park, so convenience would be an understatement.

Monday, June 16, 2014


(Forever21 crochet hem dress, vintage denim vest, Asos necklace, H&M floral headpiece, birkenstocks)

Photos by Fiona and Erman

It was a feasting fit for kings. The Somersby event certainly impressed. It was hosted at Crab in da Bag at East Coast park and I am so glad to have been a part of it. It was a seafood oriented event and I was pretty much filled to the brim with Somersby ciders and a mouthful of glee. I love seafood and the Caboodle Boil (best seller!) was a smorgasbord of my favourite seafood. Sri Lankan crabs, Boston lobster, tiger prawns, crayfishes, clams and king crab legs, accompanied with boiled potatoes, sausages and corn. Our server literally came over to our table with this huge metal container (with steam billowing from it) and started pouring the seafood onto the table. It was an amazing moment and I swear I drooled a little bit. Barely finished the portion with my table mates (Erman, Yuan Zi and Fiona) and thanked myself for deciding on a shapeless dress that day. 

Thank you Somersby for knowing how to satisfy my tastebuds, allowing us to attempt at creating our own salted egg prawn dish (super fun!) and providing a never ending supply of ice cold Somersby ciders to beat the heat that afternoon. It was really the perfect touch to a perfect day. 

Do let me know if you would like to find out what the ingredients are for the salted egg prawns dish. And also, remember to pick up a carton of Somersby ciders! Perfect summer drink.

P.S. This outfit was a no brainer because I threw on what I believe to be the most summer festival pieces. Crochet? Check. Denim? Check. Comfortable ugly footwear? Check. Most importantly, floral headpiece? CHECK.

Summer playlist for you, yes to compensate for being so late on this post. Leave a comment if you enjoy it!