Friday, September 4, 2015


Look of the moment: Peach blush tones

I just can't get enough of peachy nudes on my face; eyes cheeks lips nails. Flirty, subtle and fairy-like all at the same time. 

Eyes: Innisfree Mineral Single Eyeshadow in 06
Cheeks: 3CE Cream Blusher in #Baby Peach
Lips: 3CE Lip Laquer in 'Bon Bon' 
Nails: Urban Outfitters nail polish in 'Tusk'

Warning: Selfies ahead

Monday, August 24, 2015


 (The Editor's Market shirt, A&F cut off shorts, Mango belt, Woven bag from Bali, H&M Western boots)

Photos by Erman

I think I'm missing a cowboy hat and a horse named Chestnut to direct back to the stables. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


(The Editor's Market Button Camisole, Lace Up shorts from Bangkok, Charles & Keith gladiators, Aloha Gaia luna cuff, Zara suede tote)

Photos by Rebecca

Random suggestion to explore some greenery at this landscaping shop led to a day of fun with my girls. Brunch > hiding from the rain with ice cream > waltzing around Far East Flora trying to assemble a glass bowl of succulents. So in love with the sunlight spill on the expansive shelf of little potted planters and creepers, kinda like a chlorophyll medicinal lab that one might see in either an educational video or a plant apocalypse movie "Plants vs Zombies". I'll support the latter.
Wearing a dainty button up camisole with cross straps at the back to support my boobs' freedom from bras.  

Monday, July 27, 2015


Just some pictures from my Bangkok trip this year. Didn't really get around to taking much pictures as I was just enjoying time with the girls and being really tired all the time for no reason. That's about all I'll divulge. 

Friday, May 29, 2015


I sincerely would like to apologise for the visual vomit. This blog post took SO long to put together simply because there were literally hundreds of photos to sort through, and edit, then exporting problems, then blogger problems and then html editing, and finally this end product. 

These 100+ images worth of memories have been filtered through to best represent my amazing ten days at Seoul-Busan. The decision to go to Korea for our graduation trip have been made months ahead, but with less than sufficient planning by booking the airplane tickets out of the blue one day when Scoot airline gave 50% off every second ticket purchased. 

But with no regrets, as the trip was nothing short of fulfilling. I went a bit nuts with packing as I jammed every winter-related item into my suitcase, but you know how I am with layering. Loved the daily challenge of building functional layers for the winter climate, which is not an easy task considering that every indoor place is fully heated. Scarves would be your best friend! 

Thankfully, communication was not much of a concern as I squeezed every little bit of broken Korean I know into conversations with the locals. Seriously though, helped in every taxi/location type situation. 

You'd want to know this: 
"-- Orh Di Eh Yo?" = "Where is --?"

Shopping advice? 
Avoid Dongdaemun. I hated it. Terribly mapped shopping mall with less than affordable prices. Walk around the streets of Hongdae and Ewha University instead. 
Beauty products are a plenty, try the ones you can't normally get in Singapore. I especially loved The Saem, Tony Moly and 3 Concept Eyes by Stylenanda! A beauty products haul might present itself. 

Local fried chicken places, local chinese food places, tiny dingy shops serving K-BBQ, quaint kimbap places selling more than just kimbap and side street carts selling fish cakes with soup. OH superb coffee joints and churro stores are available every which way you go. We were also pretty much surviving on seaweed rice wraps and banana milk available at any convenient store. Ah, good times... 

I am also THISCLOSE to finishing the Seoul Video Diary. Fingers crossed it will be out by the end of this weekend! Hope you enjoy this photo diary, a lot of effort has been put in. And sorry if it crashed your browser. 

For details about our itinerary, you can click onto here. Special credits to Jesphne who planned our ENTIRE trip. 

Highly recommend our Airbnb apartment (great for groups more than 4) and hosts, Pad & Jaky (who were so nice and understanding!), so here is the link to their apartment!